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HAMLET For this project, you will be divided into groups of 4-5. ... Check out the attached rubric for more details about how you’ll be graded. ... “story board,” or comic book, to summarize a chapter of your choice.

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Hamlet Assignment Ideas - University of Saskatchewan

A marking rubric will be available to view in class, ... Comic Book Create a comic book adaptation of Hamlet. Things to consider: a. Complete one full act for this project. b.

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Try scenes from Hamlet, or Romeo and Juliet, ... Use your comic book creator to create interview scenarios. ... Comic Strip Rubric . Comics in Education .

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Jane & Austin’s Literary Laughs - Scholastic Corporation

Writing Rubric Directions: ... Comic Strip: “Hamlet and Homophones” • Issue: January 11, 2010 Uses: Copy ma C hine, opaq U e proje C ... James’s book Shooting Stars? A how childhood friendships shaped his life B a behind-the-scenes look

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12 Hamlet’s Hauntographology - College of Liberal Arts and ...

a rare book: a Nazi officer steals an imaginary First Folio of Hamlet ... Adding a somewhat comic touch to the ending, ... perhaps best raised under the rubric of film adaptation studies. Since the mid-1990s,

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CHARACTER ANALYSIS WORKSHEET - Lincoln Consolidated Schools

D. Play, Movie, Book, Television Show and/or Radio Show?: (Depending on the period of the play, you might not be able to answer all of these.) 10. What is your body lead ? 11. What type of animal are you most like? Explain. 12. What ...

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The Kennedy Middle School - teacher web

Expository Writing Rubric ... comic effect [example: “It was a thousand degrees outside ... a wise fool, the sound of silence, or Hamlet's saying, "I must be cruel only to be kind"] Paradox: a statement whose two parts seem contradictory ...

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a rubric that takes into consideration effort applied, ... comic book or graphic novel that evolves over time. Develop character(s) that conform to ... Hamlet on the Holodeck, Murray, Janet, The MIT Press (August 27, 1998), ISBN-

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12th Grade Themes/Essential Questions - Angel LMS

Comic Life, iPhoto books, podcasts, brochures, etc) ... Successful completion of assignments to rubric/grading criteria standards. Course of Study: ENGLISH IV Strands: Oral ... Hamlet rational; *Analysis of a work from differing critical approaches ...

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AP Language and Composition - TeacherWeb

“Cathy” comic strip by Cathy Guisewite in The Language of Composition . 404 ... Hamlet by William Shakespeare Writings/Assessments: Synthesis essays Analysis essays ... Non-fiction book review College entrance essays .

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introduction Shakespeare against Genres - Ashgate Publishing

introduction Shakespeare against Genres Michele Marrapodi ‘the best actors in the world’, boasts polonius in Hamlet, ‘either for tragedy,

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Advanced Placement English Literature Syllabus Note: The text ...

Six-trait rubric Evaluation of these ... Identify stages of the comic ladder, Identify techniques of comedy including irony, satire, hyperbole, wit, ... Analyze Marlow in a closed-book group activity requiring specific evidence for their generalizations and insights,

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'Alas, Poor Yorick': Sterne Thoughts

I hope that the rubric for this collection of essays, "Lacan ... of Locke's "story-book" and Hume's Enquiry, advances a program ... and supremely on a comic narrative that elaborates the cross-im-

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Decorative fonts such as Invitation and Comic Sans are not appropriate for academic ... SOL Writing Rubric) 9.6 a-i 9.7 a-b 5 . 7 ... Romeo and Juliet, Othello, or Hamlet Dramatic Reading Unit Assessment 9.1 a-l, 9.3 a-g 9.4 c-m 7

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English Opt Out Requirements - MCS Home | Montrose Community ...

understanding of the MLA format for citing a book including: making a bibliography card, note card, and ... Revise using a checklist and/or scoring rubric Revise grammar in context ... Hamlet by William Shakespeare Night by Elie Wiesel ENGLISH 11 Hiroshima by John Hershey

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The Tragic Mask of Comedy: Metatheatricality in Menander

the rubric of four figures of metatheatrical play commonly found in ancient drama: ... voice in the parabasis.2 In his hugely influential book on metatheatricality in ... reading of Hamlet in which he interpreted all the characters as either dramatists or actors, ...

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Mathematical and Non Mathematical Properties of 17

4.2 Comic Strips ... In the 6th issue, page 5 (rubric programmes divers, title Le recordman), it is written that an adherent has sent a 17 ... Simenon’s book Le passager du Polarhys had had the initial title Quai 17 (source ...

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