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Padua Inventory Washington State University Revision

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Padua Inventory Washington State University Revision

Padua Inventory – WSUR The following statements refer to thoughts and behaviors which may occur to everyone in everyday life. For each statement, circle the reply which best seems to fit you and the degree of disturbance which such thoughts or behaviors may create

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Second-Order Factor Structure of the Vancouver Obsessive ...

Padua Inventory (PI;Sanavio1988) ... Compulsive Inventory, Obsessive Compulsive Inventory-Revised) only sometimes reported gender differences, and always with men scoring higher than women, but no clear trend was found (for a review, ...

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ASSESSMENT Ethnic Identification Biases Responses to the ...

ASSESSMENT 10.1177/1073191105275620Williams et al. / ETHNICITY BIASES PADUA INVENTORY Ethnic Identification Biases Responses to the Padua Inventory for

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A functional MRI study in monozygotic twins discordant and ...

Padua Inventory Revised ... scoring twin of a ... item Padua Inventory in discordant and concordant twin pairs. ...

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The Vancouver Obsessional Compulsive Inventory (VOCI)

The original Maudsley Obsessional Compulsive Inventory (MOCI) has been widely used and is considered to be one of the best available self-report instruments for measuring observable obsessive-

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2014 Test Library Catalogue - NUI Galway: National University ...

Padua Inventory Pain Patient Profile (P-3) PANAS ... Social Problem Solving Inventory, Revised (SPSI-R) Stanford-Binet, 4 th edition ... School-Age Computer-Scoring Starter Kit Sensory Profile Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ)

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Summary & Discussion - Nederlands Tweelingen Register

high-scoring subjects could therefore also reflect an adjustment to perform well, ... on the 12-item Padua Inventory Revised Abbreviated (PI-R-ABBR), a self-report inventory measuring OC symptoms. In 2002 and 2008, the PI-R-ABBR was also sent

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University of Wollongong School of Psychology

Padua Inventory Pain and Pain Behaviours Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates ... Psychopathic Personality Inventory - Revised (PPI-R) Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale (PAIS) ... State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory – Second Edition Stroop Colour and Word Test

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ConcurrentValidityoftheYale–Brown Obsessive ...

and the Padua Inventory (PI; Sanavio, 1988). ... and to simplify scoring procedures. The OCI-R is an 18-item self-report OCD scale with 6-factor ... the Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory-Revised: Replication and extension with a clinical sample. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, ...

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Author's personal copy - Psychology Today

... received in revised form 5 October 2007; accepted 12 October 2007 Available online 26 November 2007 ... the 60-item Padua Inventory for obsessive-compulsive ... bias. WhenThomas et al., 2000performed clinical interviews with high-scoring Black students on a similar instrument, ...

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(This is a sample cover image for this issue. The actual ...

R¼Obsessive Compulsive Inventory, Short Version (revised); DOCS¼Dimensional ObsessiveeCompulsive Scale. ... with African Americans scoring signi cantly higher on this scale than European ... cation biases responses to the Padua inventory for obsessive-compulsive disorder.Assessment, 12(2), ...

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Padua Vragenlijst: inventarisatie van dwanghandelingen en ...

Padua Vragenlijst-Revised (41 items): 15 minuten Scoring De totaalscore wordt berekend door het optellen van alle itemscores. De subschaalsco- ... De Padua Inventory is een internationaal gebruikte vragenlijst. De validiteit en betrouw-

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Murdoch University Psychology Test Library

AAMHP: The Padua Inventory ... R 411 Archived test. Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised : ADI-R 1st Behavior 2111 Western Psychological. Services. ... EQ-I): Scoring Package. Basic Addition Skills Child Adolescent/ 8 Teachers Publishing.

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Older Adult Psychological Assessment: Current Instrument ...

Zigmond, 1994), Padua Inventory (PI; Sanavio, 1988), Penn State ... (CV) r = .84 (IC) Pros: Has an informant version. Majority of somatic items removed. Cons: Yes/No scoring technique can be problematic. BASDEC Adshead, Cody, & Pitt ... The Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R; Costa ...

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Specificity of disgust sensitivity in the prediction of fear ...

Specificity of disgust sensitivity in the prediction of fear and disgust ... Received 15 February 2007; received in revised form 12 March 2007; ... Padua Inventory Contamination Fear subscale (PI; Burns, Keortge, Formea, &

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Corso di Specializzazione in Esperto in Psicodiagnostica ...

Padua Inventory Revised (PI-R): Esempi di somministrazione attraverso il role-playing, scoring, interpretazione dei risultati e breve report finale Test Sintomatologici Stay-Y State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (forma Y1 e Y2): somministrazione, scoring e report finale

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The thought-action fusion scale: further evidence for its ...

The thought-action fusion scale: further evidence for its reliability and validity ... Thought-action fusion (TAF) ... The revised Padua inventory (PI-revised; Van Oppen, Hoekstra & Emmelkamp, 1995; see also

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obsessive beliefs and their relationship to obsessive ...

Obsessive Compulsive Scale, PI-R= Padua Inventory Revised, OBQ= Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire, BDI= Beck Depression Inventory, STAI= State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, ... scoring of the Y-CL resulted in binary data, tetrachoric correlations were comput -

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Pet therapy and institutionalized elderly: A study on 144 ...

... University of Padua, Via Giustiniani, 2, 35100 Padua, ... received in revised form 28 June 2005; accepted 29 June 2005 ... Derogatis, L.R., Melisaratos, N., 1993. The Brief Symptom Inventory: an introductory report. Psychol. Med. 13, 595–605.

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The Italian version of the PedsQL™ in children with ...

the subjects came from Padua and its province (Italy). The dissimilar num- ... scoring method are the same as those of the Generic Core Scales, with higher ... of life inventory. Med Care 1999; 37: 126-39. 10.

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Working with adolescents with mental disorders:the efficacy ...

Pediatrics Department, University of Padua, Padua, Italy; *Corresponding Author: ... Received 4 March 2010; revised 9 March 2010; accepted 15 March 2010. ... worsened or unvaried depending on the scoring reported

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H-T HumanTrainer.Com, Pag. 1 R - HT: Psicologia per psicologi

Elenco dei Problemi, Jenkins A.S., Bem Sex-Role I., Q. Italiano del Dolore, EDI-2, Padua I., I-E Locus of Control, SESAMO, McGill Pain Q., ... Personality Inventory for Children 81 ... Reattivo di Comprensione Meccanica, Revised Minnesota PFB, GATB Q. d'Interessi di Kuder, I. d'Interessi ...

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I., Q. Italiano del Dolore, EDI-2, Padua I., I-E Locus of Control, SESAMO, McGill Pain Q., Symptom R. T., Rathus A ... Personality Inventory for Children 81\279 18) ... Reattivo di Comprensione Meccanica, Revised Minnesota PFB, GATB Q. d'Interessi di Kuder, I. d'Interessi Professionali M.V. 70 ...

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